Mini Challenge: Day Two

Welcome to the second day of the mini writing challenge! Today you’re going to search for an image to use as writing inspiration. It can be anything — a location, artwork, a photo of food, an object out of place in a landscape… your choice. That image will be the jumping-off point for a new story. Scribble whatever comes to mind, just a page or so, based on the image you’ve chosen.

Where to find the image? Try searching the internet. Get on Pinterest and check their Popular images page, Travel, Art, Photography, or Home Decor. Pull up random images on Flickr or Instagram. Visit random news sites and see what people are up to around the world. Any site that features images prominently and in large quantities will do. Don’t over think it. Don’t search endlessly for that perfect picture. Just grab a couple and get writing. Put in half an hour of free-write time and let your imagination flow.

What are you waiting for? Hop to it! Happy writing.