Down-and-Dirty Challenge Announcement

It’s the middle of the summer (or winter, for those of you a bit further south) and you’re caught up in your routine, whatever that may be. Work, school, chores, kid-wrangling, dreaming of more than a few days’ vacation. Maybe you’re writing but it’s a bit by rote. Or perhaps you’ve been slacking off a bit. Got caught up in your beach read and skipped a couple of days. Came back from a trip and got bogged down by laundry and restocking the fridge and responding to 8,000 missed e-mails. Whatever. All that stops now.

I’m issuing a mini challenge for next week. This is meant to be a very fast, inspirational challenge to get your mind and creativity pumping, your fingers flying, and your word counts up. One work week only, Monday through Friday, something new each day. I’ll get the challenge posts up nice and early — by 9am ET — every morning so you have time to do them.

That’s it. No more details now. You have to wait until Monday for the full scoop. But you’ve been warned. Get warmed up now because next week… you’re going to write your hearts out.