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My About page has a complete list of the genres I represent, but I thought I’d add a list of the things I’m particularly anxious to find in my submissions pile. If you’ve written something that resembles one of these, I hope you’ll consider sending it my way.

As of March 13, 2008

    • Big women’s fiction, by which I mean high-concept not huge word count. Something emotional with a strong, interesting heroine. Preferably not dealing with the aftermath of divorce or serious illness. (I have nothing against those, but there are a great many of them already out there.) I’m open to both contemporary and historical women’s fiction, but I want a strong voice and a character with whom the character can really connect emotionally, even if they don’t agree with all of the character’s choices/actions. I particularly enjoy stories set in several time frames, such as Charlie Lovett’s THE BOOKMAN’S TALE, and late 19th/early 20th century works with a fresh backdrop, such as Jami Attenberg’s SAINT MAZIE. Recently read and loved Jessica Shattuck’s THE WOMEN IN THE CASTLE.
    • Contemporary, reality-based young adult fiction with quirky, fresh characters and a strong hook. Intriguing plot, but still character-driven. Need that YA voice to be spot on.
    • I’d still love to see more romance featuring a hero of dubious moral fiber. Can be contemporary or historical, but I’d especially like to see something contemporary. Think pirates, corporate raiders, cat burglars, highwaymen, spies, in any incarnation. I love my bad boys. If anyone’s written a modern-day retelling of (or something similar to) the Cary Grant/Grace Kelly film To Catch A Thief, please query.
    • Last, but most definitely not least, I’m looking for much more diversity in submissions, particularly for young adult fiction. Think characters of various nationalities, colors, genders, and sexual identities, not only as plot motivators but because the characters are part of the world and have stories, too. Also, diversity in locations and cultures – not just American and Eurocentric — particularly in women’s fiction and fantasy. #ownvoices projects very welcome, but also just books with casts of characters that reflect the real world population.
    • Seeing a huge amount of fantasy YA and MG hit my inbox, and while I love those across the board, I’m particularly interested in seeing something with witches and/or a new take on faery. Also would love historical fantasy, either the whole book or a split timeline sort of things as mentioned above.

9 thoughts on “Wish List

  1. Ugh…my latest hero is a perfect example of “dubious moral fiber”. Hasn’t gone to the CPs yet, so it probably won’t hit the query trenches until then. Patience is a virtue…

  2. Great idea, posting your wish list… How to get just what you want? It might really be just as simple as asking. 🙂 Hope you find them & maybe you’ll start an agent trend (beyond #mswl, also a good idea).

  3. I LOVE this, and heartily recommend that you tell all of your agent friends to do something similar. Ha! But, really, this is great. I thought of querying you with my science fiction novel, but after reading what you are really looking for I am going to put that on the back burner to pursue others who are looking specifically for that genre. Really, a great idea!

  4. Hi Nephele! I’m SO glad I found your site! Lots of great information here. My only regret is that the trickling raindrops across the text look like the spots I get in my eyes before a migraine and I feel like I’m getting one when I’m trying to read your posts. (So weird, I know… I just want to browse more but I’m afraid I need to look away!) Best Regards!

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