Mini Challenge: Day One

Happy Monday! Are you ready to write?

The idea behind this challenge is to offer up some quick writing prompts over the course of the week to inspire anyone who might be feeling a little bit stuck, whether you’re mired down in a WIP or finding it hard to put in your daily writing time. Each day I’ll throw up an idea or two to get you going, each one intended as a starter for a new story. You don’t need to write a complete piece for each idea, though if you’re inspired to  churn out some flash fiction, more power to you. Instead you should aim to write the first page of something — anything — inspired by the day’s prompt.

Even if you’re in the middle of an existing project, try to take half an hour to work on these prompts. By the weekend you’ll have five new beginnings, any one of which you might continue with the next time you’re searching for a new project or are looking to switch off from another work due to writer’s block, need for research, etc.

Today’s prompt: Try retelling a well-known story from the point of view of a minor character, or the antagonist. Feel free to take all the artistic license you require to give your narrator the access they need, or leave them in the dark and see how that changes the story. Some potential reworkings could include Romeo and Juliet according to Juliet’s nurse, the witch’s take on Hansel and Gretel, Jem’s version of To Kill a Mockingbird, and so on.

6 thoughts on “Mini Challenge: Day One

  1. I like this! I am thinking a fractured version of the epic tale of Jason and the Argonauts… from the point of view of the Cyclops. 🙂

  2. That’s the first writing prompt I’ve ever done… and it was great fun! I wrote a page of “Pride and Prejudice” from Mr. Bingley’s POV – I guess it’s just been in the news so much lately. Thanks!

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