Conferences and Courses: Where to Find Me

Photo by Anna Pascale on Unsplash

Here’s where I’m planning to be in the coming months, either as a presenter/panelist/speaker or as an attendee. Please feel free to stop and say hi if you’re at any of these events. I will update periodically as my schedule changes.


Upcoming Conferences/Courses

May 2024

2024 Writing Conference of Los Angeles – May 4, 2004. I’ll be taking pitches in person, and I hope to see you there!



Master the Art of the Synopsis – Frustrated by the need to write a synopsis for completed project? Unsure how to start? Whether you’re writing a query letter, pitching in person, or putting together a proposal for your editor, you will need to write some sort of a synopsis many times over the course of your writing career. Based on a class I’ve taught many times, both in person and virtually, this self-paced online course shows you how to break the task into manageable steps and create a compelling synopsis that can adapt to your needs. Enroll today and get your project read.