Friday Linkage

Happy Friday, all! It’s a busy, busy day, so I will link and dash. There should be a little something here for everyone. Wishing you all a lovely weekend. Enjoy, and happy writing!

Who Gave You That Book? – An interesting look at how book recommendations and gifts can influence our reading — or not.

Ten Quick Ways to Analyze Children’s Books for Racism and Sexism – Fabulous listing, whether you’re writing the books or reading them.

A Booklover’s Map of Literary Geography, circa 1933 – So much fun. I would love to track this down for my office.

The Art of the Sentence – Another wonderful sentence deconstructed over at the Tin House blog.

A Thoughtful Look at Fanfic – From author Seanan McGuire.

Sequels, Prequels, and Companions: Is it Fanfiction? – And another look at fanfic, from a very different angle.

2 thoughts on “Friday Linkage

  1. The list of ways to analyze sexism and racism in children’s books offers some good advice for writers for any age group and genre, although obviously a book without pictures will take a bit longer to analyze. It’s a good thing that all authors should do, though, and I’m always glad to have a list of specific things to look for. One of my big fears as a white author from a middle-class background is that I’ll inadvertently do something in my story that comes off as racist, though obviously I try to avoid that. Having a concrete checklist or two adds another level of security.

    Thanks for the fanfic links. I’m not into fanfic much myself, but I have the same general attitude toward it as McGuire, and who doesn’t love a little confirmation of their biases once in a while?

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