Links for Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! And not a moment too soon. I have quite a few tabs open this week and my browser is getting cranky with me. It will be wonderful to post the links here and finally close them all down.

This has been something of a whirlwind week, appropriate for the start of spring. I hope you all found some inspiration and energy to tackle something new, whether it was a writing project or something else entirely. Or maybe you’re saving it up for the weekend. Regardless, save some time to check out a few of these sites. Enjoy!

Interview with Cheryl Strayed – This author has a new book out, but beyond that, her story is definitely inspirational.

My Life’s Sentences – Part of a new series on writing at The New York Times. (Free registration required.) Author Jhumpa Lahri discusses craft.

How Creativity Works – Great NPR story from All Things Considered.

Why You Should Read Outside of Your Comfort Zones – Not new, but still excellent advice.

Genre in the Mainstream: What Does the Prose of the Future Read Like? – A look at some “experimental” works of fiction.

What’s in a Name? – Some ideas on how to come up with names for your characters.