State of Submissions

Happy March 1st, everyone! I am pleased to announce that, as of today, I am once again open to submissions. If you are interested in querying me, please follow our agency guidelines, which you can find on The Knight Agency website. Please do not send me random letters/chapters/manuscripts unless I have asked for them. Any unsolicited material will be deleted unread. Also, do not send snail mail; we are a green agency and make every effort to keep as much of our business as possible paper-free.

I am looking for new clients who write any of the following: Up-market commercial fiction; women’s fiction; urban or secondary-world fantasy; single-title romance including paranormal, suspense, historical, and contemporary; historical fiction; and young adult and middle grade fiction.

Currently, I still have a handful of full-length manuscripts that I’m considering in my submissions pile, and I hope to have the rest of that backlog addressed within the next few weeks. Regarding partial submissions, I have responded to everything I have received prior to February 24th–which basically means I’m working on submissions of requested material from the San Francisco Writers Conference.