To-Be-Read Lists

Blogs and newspapers and magazines love to make long lists of books, from award nominees and winners to new releases and recommended reads in various genres. Well, I’m simply curious what’s on everyone’s TBR piles.

It’s probably unsurprising that I have numerous TBR piles around my home. I try, periodically, to stop the flow, but I’m a book buyer both by nature and by vocation, so it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon. Still, you can see by this example of just one of the many stacks of books I’m anxious to read that I have plenty to keep me busy. There are about four more piles this high, plus what’s on my Kindle, and another dozen or so titles that have bookmarks in them already.

Lately I’ve been reading more submissions than anything else, but I’m eager to hear what all of you are reading and excited about. Please share! Leave a comment with some of your favorite recent reads, or books you’re looking forward to getting your hands on.