Friday Links + Odds and Ends

Happy Friday, everyone! I have all sorts of things going on, including some announcements before I get to the formal links session. First of all, next week I’ll be in Atlanta for the national RWA conference, along with all the rest of the ladies of TKA. If you’re attending and have burning questions about the agency or just want to chat, we’ll be hanging out for a couple of hours Thursday, July 18th, from 3pm to 5pm in the High Velocity Sports Bar in the Marriott. Feel free to drop by and chat. You can get the full details at the agency blog.

My second announcement is regarding submissions. I’d hoped to reopen next week to coincide with the conference, but there’s been a higher ratio of client reading to submission reading than I anticipated, so I’m still in catch up mode. I will update as soon as I have a better fix on when I’ll resume taking submissions. Of course, as always, if I’ve already requested something from you at a conference etc., please do go ahead and send. I’m definitely working through the backlog and will get to you as soon as I can.

Okay, on to links! I think it’s a good round up this week, so I hope you enjoy. Happy writing!

The Great Second-Half 2013 Book Preview – I love these lists of upcoming books from The Millions. They’re by no means exhaustive, but they always mention at least a few intriguing titles I didn’t know were coming. Wreaks havoc on the to-read pile, but it’s difficult to care.

Short Story Workshop in September – Author Mary Robinette Kowal is teaching another of her online short story workshops this fall, and she’s opening to registration July 20. Classes are small and fill up quick, so check it out.

520 Days of Solitude – What would you take to read for a year-and-a-half in space? A look at the Mars500 Expedition.

Ernst Reichl: Wide Awake Typographer – Interesting look at the career of a respected book designer (also father of Ruth Reichl, foodie and former Gourmet magazine editor).

What’s Right, What’s Wrong? – 17 phrases you might be saying incorrectly.