What Makes a Writer?

If you want to break it down into particulars, there are many things that go into becoming a writer, but at the most basic level, you only need to do two things: Read and write. So on this cool and sunny Sunday morning (at least where I am), I offer you two stories that address the question of reading, and how important it is to a writer’s development. Three guesses which of these I find more disturbing.

Writers Who Don’t Read – A growing trend, apparently. I don’t pretend to understand.

Across the Digital Divide – Seanan McGuire on why it is so important that books continue to be made available in print form. Eloquent and so very true.

One thought on “What Makes a Writer?

  1. I’m flabbergasted by the first and saddened by the second.

    I think most writers who don’t like to read… won’t be published anyway, so I don’t care so much. Let them spin their wheels trying to succeed at a job they won’t research.

    As for the ebook question–if all print books were destroyed tomorrow, I, myself, would have to decide between food, clothing, and books. That would kill me. I read over 100 books a year and will never make enough to purchase everything I read. So yeah. Print books and libraries rock.

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