Food Stories

In addition to my love of all things books and writing, I’m a foodie. Yes, one of those. And this year, in an effort to find more balance in my life (and on my scale), I’ve been cooking a lot more than usual, and trying to eat out less. I have the requisite leaning tower of cookbooks–because they combine food and books, so how could that be wrong?–and subscriptions to a few too many food magazines, but I’ll admit to having a particular weakness for food blogs. Not all of them, mind you. I like the chatty food bloggers. The ones who give you background and bits of their lives, right along with their favorite casserole or their mother’s secret salad dressing recipe. In this, as with everything, I want story.

So today I shall share some of my favorite food blogs with you, in hopes that you will go cook up something delicious the next time you feel the need to take a break from your writing (or reading). Yes, I’m enabling your procrastination. Bad agent. But as I told a client recently, everyone deserves a study break from time to time, and since everyone also needs to eat, this couldn’t be more perfect. Happy writing, and happy snacking!

Tea and Cookies – A wonderful blog by Tara Austen Weaver, a writer living in Seattle. In addition to sharing wonderful food, she posts gorgeous photos and chats about all aspects of her life, from writing to her garden to her adorable nieces.

Smitten Kitchen – Delicious recipes cooked up in a tiny Manhattan kitchen by Deb Perelman, who peppers her entries with funny stories about her cookbook-in-progress, her toddler, and her opinions on food in general.

101 Cookbooks – Blogger/photographer/cookbook author Heidi Swanson started this blog as an excuse to start cooking from her utterly enormous collection of cookbooks, but she also shares gorgeous travel photos, favorite things and more. The recipes are pretty uniformly vegetarian and very healthy.

The Wednesday Chef – Luisa Weiss originally blogged from New York, and has since moved to Berlin, making this a wonderful combination of food blog and travel tales.

Some Kitchen Stories – The ultimate in food stories. Photographer Nicole and writer Judi met while working together in Chicago. Although they went their separate ways professionally, they put together this website in their free time. Judi writes actual short stories–little tidbits–around the recipes, and Nicole provides the food photos.