Linkage Love

Happy Friday! Hope you’ve all had a terrific week and will have a bit of time to relax this weekend. As for me, I’ve pretty much been reading client work all week, and I’m staring down a weekend of submissions. The in-box is calling my name!

For those of you looking for inspiration or amusement or just something to help you kill a few hours before quitting time, I offer up an assortment of links. Enjoy!

The Top 10 Books Lost to Time — An interesting list of works we know (or are pretty sure) existed, but have somehow vanished over the years.

Man Jailed for Theft of Manuscripts — The motivation behind this is fascinating.

Post-40 Bloomers: Yvvette Edwards and A Cupboard Full of Coats – The first installment of great new column at The Millions featuring writers who published their first book when they were over 40 (because why should those under-30 authors get all the hype?).

Stephen King Reads — Listen to a chapter of his upcoming sequel to THE SHINING, DOCTOR SLEEP.