A Poetic Pep Talk

Everyone has an off day. One where the writing won’t come, the words won’t cooperate. One where you can’t even get to your writing because your kid has the measles or your boss slams you with a project that keeps you working overtime all week, and the only thing you truly want to do once you finally get a break is to fall down on your couch with a pint of ice cream and a spoon and something cheesy on TV. And that’s fine. It’s human. Just remember that the writing will be there the day after, and you will get up and go write.

For anyone struggling today, or just in case you want a bit of poetry in honor of National Poetry Month, I’ll leave you with the wondrous Maya Angelou and her words of wisdom.


One thought on “A Poetic Pep Talk

  1. Oh, I needed this, Nephele. The kids are on spring break so I either get us out of the house or they’re on the computer all day or both. One child won’t sleep unless mama comes to bed. So I’d have to wake in the middle of the night to write. I’m revising a novel, sending out queries for another, and I had set myself a goal of blogging every day, which is actually building readers, and which has introduced me to the joys of the essay. This week, then the writing I cannot do, in all its many forms, is seeping into my dreams.

    Instead, I should enjoy the kids, keep a notebook handy for scribbling notes–far better than the phone, I find–and know there will come another day. I can never stop writing. I know that. I need to find a way to Be Here Now.
    Sakki Selznick

    Sakki Selznick blogging at SakkiSelznick123.blogspot.com

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