More Writing Inspiration

If you’re participating in the December Writing Challenge, you’ve been going strong for just about three weeks now. How are you doing? Have you managed to write every day, even if it meant just stealing a few minutes here and there? Are the words flowing more easily or are you beginning to struggle? Has life been getting in the way?

Here’s the thing: Even if you miss more days than you’d like, you should continue to strive toward a daily writing session. Make the decision to write and commit to your career. Ultimately, you’ll get far more accomplished than if you throw in the towel simply because you’ve skipped more writing days than the challenge allows. At the end of the day, this is your writing, your ambition, your decision. No one is watching over your shoulder; this all depends on what you want, and how badly you want it.

For anyone finding themselves stalling out on a project, I’ve got another mini writing prompt for you. Go write a short holiday story. Any holiday you wish — doesn’t have to be one taking place in December. Think of all the stories and books you’ve read that revolve around holidays, or the movies or TV specials you’ve viewed. You can tackle a holiday from a kid’s perspective or a family gathering for a feast, one that inspires travel or reflection. There are many holidays to choose from, and even more approaches to take once you’ve picked one. Play around a bit. This prompt could easily keep you going through the end of the month.

Enjoy, and happy writing!