Friday Links

TGIF! This holiday season is hectic for everyone. In the publishing world, we’re all scrambling to get things done before people vanish into their vacation fogs — contracts signed, payments issued, and so on. It’s a massive clearing-the-decks mode.

However, everyone needs a bit of a break now and then, and so I’ve got this week’s links to distract you, if just for a few minutes. Beyond that, I hope you’re all getting your daily writing time in for the December Writing Challenge, and that the weekend treats you right. Enjoy!

Snobs Kill Books – An interesting perspective on the ongoing war between literature and everything else.

Personal Penguin – Penguin Books’ little helper to assist you in finding the perfect books for the folks on your shopping list.

The Rise of the Unreliable Narrator in YA Lit – Includes some good examples.

In the Greenwood by Mari Ness –’s latest short fiction offering.

Mandela, My Countryman – Writer Nadine Gordimer on the late leader.