Friday Links

Happy Friday! I’m currently in the midst of the Surrey International Writers Conference in B.C., Canada, but through the miracles of modern technology, I still have a lovely assortment of links to help you kick off the weekend. Wishing you lots of excellent writing time, with time off to read for good behavior. Enjoy!

Alice Munro, First Nobel Laureate of the MFA Program – An interesting look at how the author’s work has become the go-to example for teaching how to write.

Opportunities for Writers: November and December 2013 – Upcoming contests, awards, etc.

New Trends in YA: The Agents’ Perspective – A look at what’s trending these days.

10 Paranormal Romance Novels You Should Read (An Opinionated Opinion) – Some great suggestions, including a few Knight Agency authors.

15th Century Dutch Church Converted into 21st Century Bookstore – Field trip, anyone? With thanks to Kathy Chung for the link.