Friday Links

Friday already? Not that I’m complaining… Well, perhaps I am. Just a bit. This week has flown by and I still have so much to do. I’m on quite the productive roll, however, so I will just keep plowing along and see how much I can accomplish.

Ever feel that way about your writing? Like you’ve got an excellent streak going and you just don’t want to stop for fear of it all drying up? Be sure to take advantage of those. Shut that internal editor right up and just write your heart out. Plenty of time to cross out and replace and tweak later on. Get the draft on paper; the rest can wait.

With those pearls of oft-said wisdom, I leave you with some links to kick off your weekend. Enjoy, and happy writing!

Hunting for Red October: Remembering Tom Clancy – I didn’t read much of his work; his books weren’t really my thing. But he had a huge talent and was an iconic figure in publishing for decades. RIP.

Did the Cat Eat Your Gymsuit? Then These Books Are for You – A look at Lizzie Skurnick’s new project to revive the young adult books of our youth.

Amazon Says France’s New Bill Is ‘Discrimination’ – New legislation aims to limit Amazon discounts in order to help bolster France’s independent bookstores. Personally, I’d say turnabout is fair play.

Document: Manuscript Pages of Great Expectations – Because I’m a lit geek through and through, and this is just cool.

What the Tea Leaves Said – Having trouble taking the leap and committing to your writing? Read this.