Goal Check

Do I hear the sound of fingers tapping at a keyboard? Pen scribbling on paper? How are you all doing with your March goals, writers? Whether you’re involved in the March Madness Challenge or just writing in general, now is a great time to look back at the past couple of weeks and determine if you’re where you want or need to be.

If you’re participating in the March challenge, have you been writing daily? Getting that word count out? Have you tried any of the weekly circuit training, and if so, how are you finding it? For those of you working toward more personal goals, are you pleased with your progress?

Even if you haven’t been writing at your goal speed, it’s still good to see where you are compared to this time last month. Setting lofty goals is wonderful, but it can be discouraging if you don’t hit the mark. Remember that the chances are good you have still accomplished far more than if you had not set the goals or accepted the challenge. You will always find moments of frustration with any creative endeavor. You can’t control everything, and creativity especially can be a fickle thing, no matter how well you’ve trained your brain to deliver upon demand. When you’re feeling stuck or a bit mired down by real life, be sure to take a moment to appreciate all you have done. Then take a deep breath and keep going.

Happy writing, everyone!