March Madness for Writers: Circuit #2

Welcome to the second full week of March, and with it the second week of Circuit Training for Writers. Did you try out one of the week-long exercises last week? How did you do? I hope you’re coming out of the week feeling inspired and excited to give something new a go.

Remember that these circuits are an optional part of the March Madness Challenge for Writers. If your schedule is too hectic, just keep to the first part of the challenge and try to get some writing time in every day. That habit is the most vital one for you to develop and maintain. Train your muse to show up as scheduled so that when you sit at your desk you’re ready to work. But if you like the idea of stepping things up a notch, feel free to give the Circuit Training a try as well.

Refer back to the list of Circuit Training exercises to choose something for this week if you have not done so already. Any of the exercises are fair game, and each will help you work on a different aspect of your craft. Or maybe you want to pursue something you started last week, and so feel like taking this week off from Circuit Training. That works, too. Adapt the challenge to suit your needs and interests, and keep on writing.

Wishing you a productive, inspired week!