Friday Links

Happy Friday! We’re inching toward Halloween, but I seem to have used up my best Halloween-related links already. Oh well.

That said, I still have an assortment of links to share, from industry gossip to some thoughts on reading. I hope they will entertain you while not dragging you entirely away from your writing. For those of you planning to participate in NaNoWriMo, this is the last weekend before November kicks off, so get those notes and plans in place. Happy weekend, and happy writing!

My 6,128 Favorite Books – Joe Queenan on how he became an obsessive reader, and what that means for him.

Random House, Penguin May Merge – Still a long shot, but here’s what PW had to say.

The Most Romantic Story Ever Told – Aimee Bender on Beauty and the Beast.

Vintage Photos of Beautiful Buildings Being Demolished – Sad but also beautiful; maybe some story inspiration for someone.