Friday Links

Linkity link! If there are links, it must be Friday. Or… something like that. It’s early here and I’ve yet to finish my first cup of coffee, so excuse any babbling.

We’re well into October, so I hope that means the writers in the audience have made lovely headway toward their goals for the month. Clock’s a’ ticking. Better get to it if you’ve been slacking off. Maybe a few of the links below will help hone your motivation or spark some ideas.

Wishing you all a wonderful, word-filled weekend. Enjoy!

Bring Pencils on Planes – Writing advice from Margaret Atwood.

Ask the Writer: How Do I Get Published? – A bit of misdirection from Chuck Wendig, who is actually writing about what writers should focus on and worry about first, long before the publishing questions raises its ugly head. Good advice.

The Humble Bundle – A great opportunity to get a bundle of 8 (DRM-free) e-book titles at a price you name yourself. Part of proceeds go to charity. Check out the site for full details.

J.K. Rowling Webcast – A replay of the live webcast J.K. Rowling did from Edinburgh yesterday. She discusses the books, answers questions, and more. Great for those of you feeling a bit of Harry Potter withdrawal, or anyone interested in the workings of a successful writer’s brain.

A Lively Mind: Your Brain on Jane Austen – An interesting study on how reading affects the brain.