Hugo Nominations

Hugo Award nominations were announced over the weekend. A huge congratulations to these very fine authors. If you’re looking for some good fantasy or science fiction reads, you could do far worse than checking out these titles, or other work by the nominated writers. A complete list of the finalists is available at, including where they were published in the case of the shorter works.


4 thoughts on “Hugo Nominations

  1. More so than economic success as I have a day job (lol), I’m far more interested in getting nominated for a Hugo. I’ve been avidly reading Hugo nominees since I was about 14 and have rarely been disappointed.

    I wonder how the epublishing shakeup is going to affect awards like this. The gatekeepers, so to speak, are changing and so to must those that the awards organizations go to for their votes.

    1. I wonder how the epublishing shakeup is going to affect awards like this.

      Interesting question. SFF readers/writers/editors tend to be a fairly tech-savvy group, so I suspect they’ll adjust to take all formats into account. But in many cases, eligible works are nominated/submitted for awards, so it’s really just a matter of all the formats being brought to the attention of the organizers to make sure they are in the running.

  2. Very excited about several of these nominations, especially Mira Grant’s and Karen Lord’s!

    Like Scott above me said, I would love to be nominated for a Hugo more than to become a financially successful author. It’s a real marker of quality for me.

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