Friday Links

Not only is it Friday, but this weekend marks two holidays — Passover and Easter (for those of you who aren’t Eastern Orthodox — our Easter is next week). Our office is technically closed both today and Monday, so I’m leaving you with these links and then scampering for parts unknown. Or, well, okay, for my couch with my laptop to read submissions. But I get to ignore phone calls and e-mail, so that’s a long weekend in my book.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, whatever you are celebrating. Take some time to enjoy your family and friends, a good book, and maybe a little writing if you’re so inclined. Meanwhile, here are this week’s links:

Words I Couldn’t Use… – Ever wonder how the authors of historical novels keep their vocabulary period appropriate? Mary Robinette Kowal describes how she checked her word use for her Regency-with-magic fantasy series.

Why More Adults Are Reading Books for Teenagers – There’s been something of a debate about this topic going on this week. Here’s an interesting take, if only a very small part of the answer.

The Hobbit Illustrated by Maurice Sendak – On this long-lost edition that never was.

Things to Write About – Some interesting prompts and places to look for more.

The Greatest Bromances in Southern Literature – This just amused me.

Have You Seen This Short Story? – Talk about creative formatting…

A PSA about Mice – Author Erin Morgenstern shares where to get candy mice quite similar to the ones featured in her debut novel, THE NIGHT CIRCUS.