Links to End the Week

Technically these are also links to end the year, but I don’t feel like they’re quite that earth shattering, so I’ll be back tomorrow with a final post for 2011. In the meantime, I hope you’re all enjoying these last few days before 2012 rolls into town, and that the holiday season has treated you well.

Writers participating in my challenge for December, bravo to all of you for your progress. Even if you missed a few days here and there, it sounds as if many of you accomplished far more this month than you might have otherwise, which was just what I was hoping to inspire. Check back in January for additional pep talks to keep you going when your motivation feels a bit sluggish.

Without further ado, some links for your entertainment. Enjoy!

7 Creepiest Abandoned Zoos on Earth – Not particularly related to writing, but these images are just too intriguing not to share. And who knows, they might spark some writing inspiration!

Outlining Ghostbusters – An interesting look at the story structure of the film, much of which applies to any type of narrative.

Graphic Novel App Brings Dickensian London to Life – As a big lit dork, I find this fascinating.

The Best Books of 2011 You Haven’t Read – Some interesting, different reading suggestions.


2 thoughts on “Links to End the Week

  1. Must. Resist. Clicking. Link. To. Abandoned. Zoos. . . At least until I finish the abandoned amusement park story. 🙂 Happy New Year, Nephele!

    1. Sorry to tempt you! Happy New Year to you, too, Lisa, and best of luck playing in that abandoned amusement park. 😉

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