Weekend Linkage

As I like to do most Fridays, I’m dropping by with some links to intriguing and informative posts around the internet for you to check out if you’ve a bit of spare time (but only after you’ve put in some writing time!) or are looking to make your afternoon go faster. It’s a pretty eclectic selection today. Hope you enjoy them!

For those of you engaging in the challenge I set forth yesterday, don’t let the fun and frolic of the weekend distract you. Put in some writing time each day. Make it a priority, even if it’s just a few minutes here and there. Your writer’s brain will thank you for it.

Happy weekend, and happy writing!

Phantom sculpture returns – More of those delightful paper sculptures have been turning up in Edinburgh.

One sentence, many genres – See how the same sentence sounds in numerous literary styles.

In the Minds of Others – See how reading fiction strengthens social ties and might even alter your personality.

Behind the List – Ever wonder how everyone comes up with those “top books” lists every year?

Finding Inspiration in a Year of Suck – One writers story of how she handles tough patches in her career.