Announcement Regarding Submissions

TGIF! And I mean that with all my heart. The last few weeks have been more hectic than usual, and with the holidays on the horizon, it feels as if everyone is scrambling to get things accomplished before they take off on various vacations.

In honor of extreme work loads, particularly my own, I’m closing to new queries/submissions until otherwise stated, but I’m anticipating that it will last as least until the new year.

What does this mean? If I’ve already requested something from you, be it partial or full-length manuscript, please do send it along when you’re ready. Likewise, if you’ve been recommended to me by one of my clients or an agent/editor and they’ve already chatted with me, please go ahead and send your material. However, any queries directed to me at the agency submissions box will be either rerouted to a different TKA agent or replied to with a note that I’m not currently taking new material. The Knight Agency as a whole is still accepting submissions.

Why am I doing this? It’s been a busy year, not just a busy few weeks, and I am painfully behind in reading submissions. I am also spending a lot of time sending notes to people who are inquiring as to where they are in the queue, which is understandable since I’m so backed up and they wish to verify that my response hasn’t gone astray, but also takes more time out from doing other things, including reading said submissions. So I’m putting a halt to the flow of new material until I’ve caught up.

There has been a lot of chatter online recently regarding agents who only respond if they want to see more/sign on a writer, and who allow silence to serve as a rejection. Please note that I do respond to all requested material.