Linkity Link

Happy Friday! I’m out of town for the weekend, but I have not forgotten you. Here are some lovely and informative links to keep you entertained. Wishing you all a most enjoyable weekend, filled with books and writing accomplishments and all manner of good things.

First off, in honor of Veteran’s Day, Knight Agency author Bryan Andersen on MSNBC, discussing his inspirational memoir, NO TURNING BACK, about life as an Iraq vet, Purple Heart recipient, and triple amputee.

Knight Agency Clients Receive 24 Romantic Times Award Nominations — because we’re so very proud of our authors.

Small Talk — a lovely interview with author Anthony Horowitz.

The Truth About Amazon Publishing — a very informative look at the company’s new programs.

Literary Websites — a handy list.

Digested Read: Bleak House by Charles Dickens — an overview of a very long classic, in honor of the approaching 200th anniversary of the author’s birth.