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Happy July 12th! I’m sure it’s some sort of holiday somewhere. Plus it’s the boss lady’s birthday, so if you bump into Deidre Knight on the interwebs today, give her a virtual hug. 😉

So–new blog home. I’m liking it so far, though I’m still in the early stages of tinkering with WordPress. The reality is that I’m knee-deep in submissions and reading for clients–more so than usual–so I haven’t had as much time to play over here as I’d like. But I managed to get the RSS feed up and a few more links in the sidebar. More to come, I promise. And I really will change the banner up in the header, even if I am kind of fond of those chandeliers. The entire scope of the photo makes me feel like I should be waltzing in a wonderful gown. But I want something more publishing related, so… Maybe I’ll put up a photo of the stack of unread novels next to my bed. Er…stacks.

In the absence of enough free time to conjure a brilliant post for you all, I leave you with my favorite alternative–links. Enjoy!

Most Anticipated: The Great Second-Half 2011 Book PreviewThe Millions on the big releases for the next six months. Actually more like eight. Not everything is here, obviously, since they’re focusing on big hardcover, literary-type works, but it’s still an interesting overview. I know my to-read list picked up a few titles.

Into the Deep – A very thought-provoking and mysterious photo by artist Lori Nix, courtesy of The Paris Review Blog. There’s a story there…

Jim Shepard on Short Stories – The writer recommends five books of short fiction he finds worthwhile, and explains why.

Guided by the Lit: Or How Two Classic Authors Became Contemporary Life Coaches – Author and Columbia professor Jenny Davidson looks at the way authors of great literature have somehow become guides to how we should live our lives, in the summer issue of BookForum.

Penguin Books UK Announces Live Chat with Copywriters – The publisher will offer up a live online chat with their staff copywriters on July 14. Could be useful for writers looking for tips on how to dream up titles or write a short book synopsis (think back cover blurbs). Keep in mind this is the UK publisher, so the chat will be London time.


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  1. It’s the release day for A DANCE WITH DRAGONS, which will certainly feel like a holiday to some people. Until my copy arrives, I will go check out these links!

  2. Your virtual home looks lovely to me and you certainly did a much better than I did, I just stuck the background of a photo from my elopement! I say keep chandeliers or replace with something equally as elegant. I’m sure if you looked at a banner filled with books, you’ll start feeling tired… 🙂

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