A New Home

Welcome to the new home for Writing and Rambling. The spam situation at Live Journal has just gotten to be too constant and annoying, and much as I love the layout there it was not enough to tempt me to put up with the ongoing filtering issues. So, here I am over at Word Press. Thanks to everyone who posted suggestions in comments on the old blog, or who volunteered their platform experiences at the last couple of conferences I attended. You were all very helpful.

You’ll note this layout is still somewhat a work in progress. I hope to have the sidebar properly populated and a more appropriate header photo loaded shortly, but I’m still in conference-recovery mode and I felt it was more important to make the move and start blogging again than it was to make sure everything was pretty. So stay tuned for the complete transformation, and of course some real content.

10 thoughts on “A New Home

    1. That would be part of the sidebar layout I haven’t had time to finish setting up yet.

  1. Ha, great minds think alike – I’m just in the process of moving from LJ to WP at helenkeeble.com.

    Being a techie, I’ve been diving into customising my theme with PHP/CSS (dead easy compared to my customary programming languages!), so I might be able to advise if you decide you want to tweak your layouts. 🙂

    1. How funny! Must be something in the air. 😉

      I may take you up on your offer if I get stuck. I’m generally pretty good with the customization if I don’t try to get too fancy. I just haven’t had sufficient time to play over here yet. There are many more toys than on LJ.

  2. That’s a pretty layout.

    LJ sucks; I only use my account to comment there. And more people are migrating to greener shores these days. 🙂

    1. LOL! I know, right? It’s the default header and I really want to put up something more book related, but it’s awfully pretty as it is.

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