2016 December Writing Challenge Wrap Up

Today is the final day of this year’s December Writing Challenge. How did you do? Did you write every day? Make progess on our current project? Start something new? Maybe experiment a bit? At the very least, I hope you set up some good habits for the year ahead.

Many writers have successful careers without producing material daily, but regardless of your writing schedule, creativity is a muscle that must be exercised regularly. Train your brain to produce on demand and you will find the ideas flow much more easily than if you attempt to write merely when the whim strikes you. If you’re just starting out, you’ll develop good habits that will help you continue to write under deadline or when you’re traveling or when your day job rears its head and demands your attention. If you’ve already been at this a while, you probably realize that writing can be more of a challenge if you fall out of the habit of sitting down and tackling the work in a set rhythm.

Regardless of your progress this month, I hope you’re heading into the new year with some wonderful ideas and plans to write, and that you make excellent headway with all your goals for 2017. Wishing you a wonderful New Year’s Eve! Stay safe and enjoy.

3 thoughts on “2016 December Writing Challenge Wrap Up

  1. I agree with putting something new down every day (and also tracking the time it takes to do it). I’ve also liberalized what really counts when it comes to ‘writing’: Reading & research are writing; Editing is writing; Blogging is writing; Promoting is writing; Reviewing plot in your head while waiting for the train is writing; people-watching and eavesdropping: also writing. I draw the line at staring into a steaming bowl of Joe, however.

  2. I managed to work on my novel every day except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (even though we were traveling part of the month). I’m sure I would have skipped more days if not for the challenge. Now comes the REAL challenge: keeping the momentum going.

    1. Congratulations! And you can do this. If you managed such great momentum right through the holiday season, I’m certain you can keep it up into the new year. Well done!

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