How Writers Get Their Start: Jeffrey Eugenides

I am digging out from the overflow resulting from three weekends — in some cases long — spent at bookish events, so today I offer up Jeffrey Eugenides’s take on the first-time experience. Publishing a book, that is. It’s part of the ongoing series from The Paris Review. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “How Writers Get Their Start: Jeffrey Eugenides

  1. Yep, this is how it was for me too. However, I have written 6 books and none of them have been accepted by a publisher. Not even my first book. So I was a little teary at the end of Eugene’s video, him being so lucky.

    1. Robert, I am moved to say, that if I had written 6 and none of them had been accepted, I would go back to number 1 and do a complete rewrite on it. That is just my opinion, but it does seem like with 6 you might be repeating the same mistakes. I hope you make the breakthrough soon.

      1. Thanks. But why is it that it necessarily has to be that I’m making a mistake? Or mistake? That is ludicrous.

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