Molly Crabapple on Art, Writing, and Creative Work

Artist and journalist Molly Crabapple sat down with the folks at Vice recently to talk about her creative habit and her new memoir. She has some interesting, honest things to say about the grind of working in the creative arts day in, day out. The video includes some liberal swearing and a few sketches with nudity, so please use your own discretion regarding viewing it at work or if those sorts of things offend you. Otherwise, I encourage you to check it out for a little creative inspiration. Pardon the link, but it didn’t want to embed for me. Enjoy!

Taking Drawing Lessons from Artist and Journalist Molly Crabapple

One thought on “Molly Crabapple on Art, Writing, and Creative Work

  1. I’ll try this again.

    Wow, Both powerful and inspirational. I wouldn’t make a good interview candidate. After the camera pulls away, I’d rehash every comment into a sleepless night. Good thing I’m a writer. I can rewrite without remorse.

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