Ready, Set, Write: Day 1 of the Challenge

Yesterday I issued my annual December Writing Challenge, and today we officially kick off. There’s been a wonderfully enthusiastic flutter over on Twitter, with people accepting the challenge, so I hope many of you are going to join in as well. I’d love to hear from you if you’re giving this a try, so please do leave a comment here or shout out on Twitter!

Just remember, you don’t need anything fancy. Just your writing tools of choice and a bit of time each day. Write on an existing project or start something new, or work on a combination. No one says  you have to add to the same project every day this month; mix it up if that keeps you motivated.

The key here is to keep up your writing habit during this terribly busy month of the year. Just get some words down every day. Make your writing — and your goals — your priority. In this season of giving, give yourself this one thing. You can do it. Go write!

19 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Write: Day 1 of the Challenge

  1. I’ll be tackling the challenge, as I have for the last two years! May not manage anything on Christmas Eve or Christmas day, but I’ll do my best to keep moving forward every other day.

    1. Hence those two free days. I know not everyone wants to squeeze in a bit of writing on the actual holiday, even if they can manage it. So glad to see people joining the challenge year after year!

  2. Christmas is always the one time of the year I struggle to write – not because I’m not motivated, but because I’m trying to meet the expectations of others. I told my family this morning that I am committed to writing every day this month, and their support and understanding would be appreciated! They gave their unequivocal support, hopefully it will remain unwavering as Christmas approaches!

    1. Good for you! It’s tough when you have family and friends with expectations during the holidays, but there are lots of hours in the day and you definitely deserve to steal a bit of time for your writing. Good luck!

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