Friday Links

I was tempted to make this the first-day-of-spring edition, but none of the links I have are particularly spring-like, and also it’s only spring for half the planet, so… I’ll just be happy for Friday and call it a day.

It’s one of those jam-packed, work-filled weekends for me. I’m on vacation week after next, which means I have a longer-than-usual laundry list (in addition to actual laundry) and never enough time. But I hope you all have some fun plans for the next couple of days, whether you’re getting into the swing of slightly better weather, gearing up for fall, or shoveling yet more snow. Reading and writing are excellent activities no matter it’s doing outside, so be sure to squeeze some of those in as well.

But first, I have links! I hope they inspire and entertain. Enjoy!

Stephen King to Share Writing Tips in New Short Story Collection – Each story will feature details about how he wrote it, where the idea came from, etc.

Small Batch Edition: On Loving Romance with Sarah Wendell – Some romance chat and recommendations by way of NPR.

Potter DIY: Marauder’s Map – A fun weekend project for children of all ages.

Publication Opportunities for Writers: April and May 2015 – Calls for work etc. with deadlines in the next couple of months.

Five Ways Being a Writer and a Professional Skateboarder Are the Same –¬†Proof that writing about what you know can sometimes lead to something fun and different.