December Writing Challenge: Final Check-In

How goes it, challenge writers? Have you managed to write every day this month? Did you commit to a new, secret project? Are you pleased with what you’ve accomplished in December?

We have a few days left before month’s end, but whether or not you choose to write through the holiday, right to the bitter end, be sure to take a few moments to consider how the challenge has gone for you. Was it motivating to aim for writing at least a few minutes every day? Did you miss days? What was the reason? Did holiday obligations get in your way or did you find yourself needing a mental break?

Only you can decide if a daily writing habit is the best course for your writing style and your life, but I’m willing to bet even the attempt to write daily opened your mind up and allowed your creativity to flow a little bit more swiftly. And for those of you who didn’t manage to write as often as you wished, determining the why behind those less productive periods can help you figure out how to motivate yourself going forward.

Those of you in the secret-project category may or may not have a viable new work in progress, but even if you’ve been working on something purely for your own enjoyment, I hope you had a wonderful time and feel like your creativity has been pumped up and refreshed for a new year of writing. No matter where you are in your writing career, it’s always important to allow yourself some time to play occasionally. It keeps the prime pumped, and it also lets you remember why you love writing, especially on those days where the work feels more challenging.

I encourage all of you to keep writing daily if you can right into 2015. The more you write, the more you stretch your talent and exercise your creativity, the better the work you will produce. Happy writing!