Friday Links

Happy Friday! Apologies for the rather quiet week. I’ve had my nose to the grind stone and I’m not quite sure where the time went, but here we are at week’s end once more.

This weekend happens to mark the halfway point for the month, and therefore for NaNoWriMo. Participants should be closing in on 25,000 words (or more) by the end of Saturday. I hope those of you playing along are having a wonderful time, and managing to keep those internal editors at bay.

My weekend plans revolve around books, as I intend to actually take the weekend off and give the 24 in 48 Reading Marathon a try. Anyone joining me? I’ll be Tweeting about it (@NepheleTempest) as it occurs to me, so keep an eye out.

But before all of that, we have Friday Links! I think I’ve got a nice batch this week, including some great recommendations for diverse reading. This is something I’ve been touching on periodically over the year, so expect an update soon. Meanwhile, you might want to check a few of these titles out.

Whatever your plans for the next couple of days, enjoy!

How Publishing Works: A Book Designer’s Perspective – An informative look at what happens to turn that manuscript into a physical book.

Pep Talk from Chuck Wendig – Aimed at NaNo participants, but pretty inspiring for anyone working on that first draft.

Read Her Like an Open Book: My Favorite Books of 2014 – This blog focuses entirely on books written by women, and the author has compiled 25 of his favorites from the year.

How to Write Women of Colour and Men of Colour if You Are White – A really thoughtful, intelligent post for any writers seeking for ways to address this concern in their own writing.

And last but not last, this great Book Riot video features titles of South Asian Historical Fiction (a few of which have already made it to my TBR list).