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Happy Friday! It’s a very happy one around here, mostly because the insane heat wave we’ve been experiencing in the Los Angeles area has finally backed off a bit. I’m all for a nice hot day, but triple digits for nearly a week is enough to do me in. Right now it’s 70 and cloudy, with a mid-80s high forecasted, and I’m enjoying having the window open for a change.

But on to the links! I have a fun assortment for you today, which I hope will inspire you to challenge yourself when you sit down to write, or maybe get you to try a book from a genre you don’t normally read. I say fall is a great time to experiment and learn new things; maybe it’s the back-to-school mentally that was drilled into my head over the years. Whatever you’re up to this weekend, try to toss something a little bit different into the mix and see where it takes you. Enjoy, and happy writing!

Class of 2014: MacArthur Foundation – This year’s “Geniuses” have been chosen. Check out these interesting, diverse people and see what they’re up to. One or more of them might spark your own creativity.

The Bookrageous Podcast – This wonderful podcast features a cast of book bloggers, writers, booksellers, and publishing types discussing first what they’re reading, and then books on a theme. There’s a lovely backlog to check out for inspiration, and new podcasts seem to get posted every few weeks to every couple of months.

Opportunities for Writers: October and November, 2014 – A list of places to submit your work, including contests and grants with upcoming deadlines.

Interview: Mary Robinette Kowal – An interesting look at how Kowal addresses different aspects of her Glamourist series, including getting the language right for the historical period and how she ended up writing a “new” Byron poem.

Internet Predators, Vicious Amazon Reviews, and How Mitt Romney’s Smile Inspired a Novel – A group of writers discuss the writing process over at Salon.


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  1. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your Friday Links. Never sure what will be there, but always find some useful and entertaining stuff. Thanks!

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