Friday Links

Never fear! I may well be off in Texas conversing with the romance writers, but I have left you some Friday goodies to kick off your weekend. Wishing you all a wonderful couple of days filled with books, writing, and something tall and cool to drink. Enjoy!

Word counts of famous books – This is a fun infographic, but please keep in mind that modern titles have different requirements, so don’t assume these are average word lengths you can apply to your own WIP.

The Relationship between Creativity and Mental Illness – Interesting look at the “tortured genius” myth.

Famous Writers’ Sleep Habits vs. Literary Productivity, Visualized – Yes, more pictures.

The World’s Most Fascinating Places, as Seen in Science Fiction¬†Books – For the armchair travelers in the audience.

Opportunities for Writers: August and September, 2014 – Another round up of places to send your work, contests, etc.