Friday Links

Happy Friday! Who has plans to write this weekend? Or maybe hit the beach with a good book? Whatever you have on the agenda, I’m wishing you a wonderful time.

As for me, I’ve a huge stack of reading looking at me — client manuscripts, submissions, and some books with covers that are taunting me with their presence. No question as to what’s on my schedule for the next few days. But first, I bring you this week’s links. Some reading recs, some writing inspiration, and just some general bookish fun. Enjoy!

Dani Shapiro on Vulnerability, the Creative Impulse, the Writing Life, and How to Live with Presence – A mouthful of a title, but worth checking out.

Nailing Your Novel’s First Chapter – Some great advice, whether you’re just starting a new project or going back to revise.

Bookstores of New York – Charming sketches with fun anecdotes to accompany them.

14 Brilliant Pieces of Literature You Can Read in the Time it Takes to Eat Lunch – What it says on the wrapper. Great assortment.

The Muscle-Flexing, Mind-Blowing Book Girls Will Inherit the Earth – Wonderfully upbeat look at one segment of the reading population.

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  1. I’ll be writing…working on the sequel to my debut novel and it’s going smoothly! Good luck working through the client manuscripts!

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