Friday Links

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all had a good, productive week. It seemed to go quite quickly; frankly, I’m not sure how we’re staring down April already. 2014 is flying along.

I have a collection of links this week that should inspire you to action, whether that’s to sit your butt down and actually write something or to polish and submit an existing project that’s been languishing on your hard drive. Spring has sprung, regardless of the weather in your neck of the woods, and it’s time to take the plunge, whatever that means for you. Go make something happen this weekend. Start things rolling.

With that I wish you a wonderful weekend filled with books and writing and ideas. Enjoy!

April Prompts – A prompt a day for a month. This site lists a new month’s worth of inspiration on the last Monday of each month, so bookmark it for future inspiration.

Learning to Love Editing – This writer blogs about some advice she heard from YA author Holly Black years ago and has finally learned to embrace.

Inspiration Information: “The Interestings” – The New Yorker kicks off a new series of interviews with authors about the cultural influences on their work.

Life Is too Short to Read a Bad Book – Author Edan Lepucki interviews her editor at Little, Brown, Allie Sommer, about the editing process and what she loves to read.

Opportunities for Writers: April/May 2014 – A list of contests and call for work/submissions for the upcoming months.