Friday Links: Valentine’s Day Edition

valentines-day-clip-art-7Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I’m mostly of the opinion that it’s a Hallmark holiday, but at the same time I’m all for a little love and romance, so whatever makes your heart go pitter pat. Wishing you all a wonderful day, whether its spent with a significant other, family, friends, or in quiet enjoyment of your favorite activity.

And with that I bring you this week’s links. They’re pretty writer-centric today, but I hope that you all enjoy them regardless. Enjoy, and happy writing!

Style Sheet: A Conversation with My Copyeditor – Edan Lepucki tries to demystify the copyediting process. Great not just for the explanation of the copyediting shorthand, but for the interview that follows.

13 Writing Tips from Chuck Palahniuk – Originally posted around Christmas time, but I thought I’d adopt them for the hearts-and-flowers holiday instead. They work all year ’round.

How and Why to Use Whom in a Sentence – Fun little cartoon reference.

Why Writers Are the Worst Procrastinators – An interesting look at writerly habits.

TV and Film Boost Sales of Library of America Classics – A peek at how these volumes have gotten a hand from recent programming.

Valentines: Love Letters to the Best Poetry of 2013 – An appropriate set of mini essays.