Mid-Week Entertainment

You know how I encourage authors to read their work out loud to see how it sounds? An even better option is to hire someone with a really sexy voice to read it for you. Because some people can make anything sound better. Of course, it helps if you start with Keats…

Benedict Cumberbatch reads ‘Ode to a Nightingale’

You’re welcome, and have a lovely day.

4 thoughts on “Mid-Week Entertainment

  1. This also applies for narrators of audiobooks. My wife and I frequently take audiobooks on long roadtrips. Great way to make them seem shorted. Almost as much as the book itself, what makes or breaks the experience is the talent. We love when first person books are read by a good actor you can easily picture as the character.

  2. Benedict is incredibly talented in pretty much everything he does. I was very fortunate to meet him in person during my modeling days on a magazine photo shoot. He is such a sweetheart, humble and very charismatic.

  3. One of the things I enjoy most about Mr Cumberbatch is his diction–there are no extra letters at the end of any words. Sadly, I can’t say that of many great actors, with great voices…

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