PSA: State of Submissions

Greetings, all. This is just a quick announcement regarding submissions. I’m in the middle of digging out of a backlog right now, so I am going to be closing temporarily to new submissions. This is just me — I don’t speak for the rest of the agents at TKA. I need some time to play catch up and lately I’ve been getting new material in far faster than I’ve been able to read it, which has made it impossible. So…

I will be closed to new submissions starting June 1, 2013. While this will be temporarily, I’m not yet announcing a date when I will resume taking new material. I’ll post additional details both here and on Twitter when I have decided.

This does not include materials I have already requested, either at a conference or through general submissions. If I’ve asked you to send something already, please go ahead and do so, just make sure to label your email accordingly.

5 thoughts on “PSA: State of Submissions

  1. I chanced upon your site through Twitter. Are you still closed to submissions? I would like to send a query letter through to you and I see The Knight Agency website doesn’t say you are closed to submissions, so I wanted to make sure. Thanks.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I did a search on the word “Submissions” and reached this post. I will send my submission through to The Knight Agency now. Thanks!

        1. Oh well, turned down by your agency again (fourth time around). I guess I need to work on my query letters some more. And I need to brace for the ongoing rejections that will inevitably come if ever a sample is requested. At least there’s NaNoWriMo to occupy my thoughts right now.

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