Friday Links

And we’re back! I felt very weird about not having a links post last week. I enjoy finding interesting tidbits online over the course of the week and choosing things to share with all of you. It’s become an entertaining habit. So I’m happy to report that this week was more the normal level of chaotic, and I once again have a selection of links to post.

I hope you all had a great week, and that you’re looking forward to the weekend. For those of you celebrating, I wish you a very happy Mother’s Day on Sunday.  And of course I wish all of you good reading and writing time. Enjoy!

Bestselling Thriller Authors Confess Their Biggest Fears – Everyone is scared of something.

You May Be a Book Hoarder If… – I resemble that remark. I suspect I have plenty of company.

10 Haunted Libraries of the US – Okay, so it’s not Halloween, but ghosts are fun all year round.

Reading It Wrong – An interesting look at what we as readers bring to reading by way of our expectations.

Writing Excuses: Blocking – A great podcast on writing about characters and scenery and their places in your narrative.