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Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great week and are looking forward to a lovely weekend of reading and writing and adventures. I have all of those on my schedule, plus a run and maybe a nice nap. Ah, nap… (It’s been a tense week; sleep has been at a premium.)

Thank you to everyone who signed up for or spread the word about my Writer’s Digest webinar, which I held yesterday. It went very well, with the exception of a temporary audio glitch when my phone decided to be a little scratchy and cranky, but that was soon fixed. I had a good-sized crowd and some excellent questions, and I’ve already received some lovely feedback, so I think people found it useful. I hope to have the opportunity to do more webinars in the future, because it was actually kind of fun.

Ah, but it’s Friday, which means links! I’ve a nice assortment this week, a little from column A, a bit from column B, so there should be something for everyone. I hope you find them entertaining and informative. Have a great weekend, and happy writing!

Dystopian Coming-of-Age Stories: A Reading List – Some suggestions from the folks at BookRiot, with more in comments.

What Should I Read on Vacation? A Question I Never Took Lightly Again – Summer’s around the corner. This is an interesting take on how to choose your holiday reads.

Writing Star Wars with Michael Arndt – An amusing little video. Writers will particularly appreciate this.

Writing Excuses: Narrative Rhythm – A great podcast on pacing.

The Young Salinger, Mordant Yet Hopeful – 9 letters by a young J.D. Salinger have turned up.


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  1. As one of the attendees of your webinar, I just wanted to say, “Thanks!” It was very helpful and I’ve been working away on my synopsis since then, using your guidelines. A synopsis will never be my favourite thing to write, but at least now I feel I can get through it. 🙂

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