December Writing Challenge: Prompt #4

Have you been writing every single day? Even if just for a few minutes? I hope you’re all discovering that the December Writing Challenge is more doable than you anticipated. I realize it can be difficult to work a bit of writing time into your schedule when life gets busy, but when you can pull it off, the feeling of accomplishment should more than balance out your efforts. If you’ve been missing days here and there, don’t feel bad. Just re-commit to hitting your writing goals. Each day is a new start.

That said, I offer up another writing prompt for anyone who is in need of a little inspiration or something new to distract them from a misbehaving WIP or a wave of writer’s block. Imagine your most disastrous holiday experience. Were you stuck somewhere in an airport, unable to get home? Did a new holiday cook forget the giblet bag in the turkey before popping it into the oven? Was the entire family feuding about something or other? Doesn’t matter what holiday it was, just whichever one goes down in your personal history as the worst, most ridiculous, least enjoyable… your pick. Now write about it, either autobiographically or in a fictional setting. Can you make it poignant? Laugh-out-loud funny? Uncomfortably familiar for your potential readers? Milk that life experience for all it’s worth.

Happy writing!