Friday Links

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great week, and that those of you participating in my December Writing Challenge have been working away each day, getting new words down no matter how small your window of time. You’ll feel so accomplished heading into 2013, with all that December writing under your belts, I promise. More prompts coming up soon, but meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the first and second prompts for the month if you need a little inspiration. Good luck!

But Fridays are all about the links, and so of course I have a new batch for you. They’re a little more diversified than usual; I suppose you could say I’ve had a scattered week. But I think they’re still fun and useful, and I hope you agree.

Have a terrific weekend, and happy writing!

10 Books to Help You Recover from a Tense 2012 – A nice list of recommendations from NPR.

A Year in Reading 2012 – This annual feature at The Millions offers a glimpse of the reading lists of numerous writers. Each shares the titles they’ve read over the year that most influenced them — sometimes one or two, sometimes an entire list. Always interesting, as the books don’t have to be recent releases, just whatever the individuals picked up and enjoyed. This links to the main page where all the contributors are listed/linked. New ones get added each day.

EPBOT – A new-to-me blog (Thanks, Cindy!) featuring all things steampunk, from craft ideas to cute stuff. Fun, if you’re a steampunk/sci-fi/Victoriana fan.

Indiana Jones Mystery Package – The University of Chicago (my alma mater) recently received a mysterious package containing a replica of Abner Ravenwood’s field diary and various other items linked to Raiders of the Lost Ark, addressed to Henry Walton Jones, Jr. aka Indiana Jones. For those who may not recall, Jones supposedly taught at U of C. The university is supposedly clueless as to the item’s origins, but regardless, I’m highly amused.

The Biblio-Mat – A short video about a very cool book vending machine at a Toronto-area bookstore.