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Happy Friday, all! It’s the last day of November — how the heck did that happen? — and therefore the last day of NaNoWriMo. Good luck to those of you in that home stretch, writing feverishly to churn out your 50,000 words.

Whether you’re finishing up your Nano novel or working on something else entirely, be sure to check out my December Writing Challenge, which I posted yesterday. Any sort of writing counts, whether you’re deep in novel mode, starting a new project, working on essays, blog posts, poetry, etc.

Beyond that, I have some fun links to help you kick off the weekend, including thoughts on used books, input versus output, and more. I hope they inspire and entertain you. Happy weekend, and happy writing!

On Input Mode, with Music – Author Erin Morgenstern on refilling the well.

Used Books – Michelle Dean talks used books, and what they mean to her, over at The Rumpus.

17,500 Readers with a Corrupted E-book File – Tale of woe from self-published author Lenore Skomal, who explains what she did wrong and how she tackled correcting her problem.

Dispatch from the Edge of Literary Culture – A look at finding yourself outside the traditional literary scenes.


2 thoughts on “Friday Links

  1. Interesting article about the corrupted e-book. My husband works for Prentice Hall (textbook division) so I know that even big name publishers have problems,

    Anyway, I’ll be sending you a query for my novel soon, and, hopefully, when it is published, it won’t have any such problems.

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