Friday Links

Kind of an abbreviated version of Friday links today, given the holiday weekend and my under-caffeinated brain. I hope all of you who celebrated had a lovely Thanksgiving, and that everyone’s weekend is relaxing and enjoyable. If you’re heading out to start your holiday shopping (or were standing in one of those lines in the wee hours this morning), I wish you the best of luck. Don’t forget to squeeze a little writing time in!

Dream Homes Built for Books – Love these. Some of them are so imaginative.

The Daily Routines of Famous Writers – A quick peek at a few writers’ attitudes toward writing.

Spy on Laini Taylor’s Writing Notebook – A writing challenge to get your creative juices flowing.

One thought on “Friday Links

  1. I’m the weird one: the only thing I can relate to and do is to not listen to music when I write. Otherwise I don’t do any of the things the famous or not yet famous authors do. Many times I write out scenes in my head in bed before I go to sleep and then wake up excited to write them–that’s about my only ritual.

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